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8 Channel Portable Digital Video Recording System

Perfect for Private Investigators, Building Contractors, Security Companies. This multi-channel portable DVR uses familiar Windows XP operating system. Easily go from wireless to wired by just plugging in a cable. Can use up to 8 cameras including a combination of wired and wireless. Works with any of our security cameras (except CyberEye). Cameras Not Included.


Muti Channel Portable System PSS-8CH -Wired or Wireless Multi-Channel Portable System

Cameras Not Included: Works with any of our security cameras.

- Motion Activated or Scheduled Recording.
- Customized Detection Zones.
- CDRW for Backup CD Recording.
- 4 Wireless Channels, 8 Wired inputs.
- Standard 250 GB HDD Storage.
- From 100-240 Volt AC; 50/60 Hz.
- 12’’ LCD Monitor.
- Remote Access via Wed Browser or can be  remotley configured.
- Alarm detection w/snapshot and or video email alerts.
- Pan/Tilt/Zoom Controls
- Password Protection.
- Mulitiple User Accounts.
- MPGE 4 video compression for high resolution video.
- PDA remote access and monitoring.

O/S: Windows XP
CPU: 3000+AMD Sempron Processor
Memory:1GB RAM
Hard Drive: 250GB
Camera Inputs: 8-Inputs- 4 wireless/ 4 wired or 8 wired.
Audio Inputs: 4
Frames per second: Real Time at 240fps.
Resolution: 720x480
Monitor: 12’’ Diagonal
Power: 110/240 AC
Video System: NTSC
Video Compression: MPEG
Dimensions: 19 1/8’’(L) x 15 7/16’’(H) x 7 9/16’’(D).
Weight: 20Lbs.

PSS-8CH- Wired or Wireless Multi-Channel Portable System




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